object of affection/ 
2013 project//
pen illustrations of objects & memories

 objects of affection/ 


#1 Macaroni/

We hated the taste of macaroni that they serve during lunch in kindergarden and had to force eat it.

One spoonful of macaroni one gulp of water and swallow. Those were difficult times.

Till now, we never once touch macaroni.



#2 Small Leather Bag/

I can't remember where i got it from but i remember losing it at a kids party. i was about five or six years of age.

I cried when I realized I cant find it, but it turn up in the end, and I still have it with me now.



#3 Sunday Hair clip/

It somehow accidentally fell into the big dumpster at the ground floor. I was so upset and had my grandma bring me down to the dumpster in search of it. And surprisingly in the midst of many trash bags grandma managed to find it.



#4 Luncheon Meat/

reminds me of my maternal grandma's bad cooking.



#5 Purple Green Super Long Snake/

Dad bought it during his business trip to Bombay, India. It hung at the top of our bookshelf.

Mum, being a Catholic hated it, because it reminds her of the evil serpent from the bible.



#6 Superman Watch/

Found this in a box of stuff with a sign that says 'take what you like' and I did.



#7 Pig Moon Cake/

Once grandma gave me this for lunch in school. As i was about to take a bite the whole cake fell into the drain. I felt upset and guilty after.



#8 Lighter/

I remember my father lit the lighter very close my left ear when I was a kid. And he said,' don't move and trust me.'

I cant remember how long it lasted but what was i suppose to learn from that



#9 Brick Game/

One night my parents were having a big fight, and my dad left home that night.

He returned next morning with brick game in his hands.



#10 Aubergine & Knife/

I can't remember if it was a dream or did this incident really happened. My mother was holding a knife chasing my dad around the house, and my dad held an aubergine. The last of what i remembered was my mother stabbed into the sofa instead and then it ended there.